Geberit AquaClean Tuma

Surprisingly versatile

The AquaClean Tuma offers choice of features from the simple basic functions of the classic model to the additional convenience functions of the Comfort version. The Tuma is also available as a complete solution with a perfectly fitting Rimfree ceramic pan and hidden connections for electricity and water, or as a WC enhancement solution, which can also be combined with a variety of previously installed ceramic pans.

Key points:

  • Compact design yet comfortable spacey
  • Uniquely vitalizing shower experience through WhirlSpray technology
  • Always clean separate Lady shower nozzle in protected home position
  • Rimfree® WC ceramic – easy to clean
  • Comfort functions: seat heating, catalytic odour elimination, fan dryer
  • Longevity trough decalcification function
  • Easy-to-operate, ergonomically designed remote control
  • Design plate allows for material and colour variations
  • Four colour variants – white alpine, glass white, glass back, stainless steel brushed

About the designer:

Designed by Industrial designer Christoph Behing who studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart in the mid-1990s. He founded the Christoph Behling Design Studio in 2004. Behling works with numerous international companies, including the luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer, where he is chief designer.

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