Designed to work for you.

The individuality of your lifestyle is matched by  the diversity of the Geberit Acanto bathroom that boasts a wide range of versatile designs combined with intricate user-centric solutions. Afteral your needs are at the heart of everything we do.

  • A range built around modular furniture
  • 4 colour variants (black, sand, white high gloss & lava matt)
  • Built in ceramic Clou on x2 basins
  • On point with current design trends offering slim rim basin design
  • Short projection basins & furniture

Geberit has taken many considerations into account when developing the range of Acanto furniture. All types of bathroom products have been measured, towels, cosmetics, cleaners, toilet rolls and electrical appliances to name a few.  Analysis was conducted to see how frequently these products were used separating them into 2 categories; those used daily and those used weekly. They then assessed and adults optimum reach. All of this was so that the furniture storage solutions were then developed to ensure compartments are of the right size and shape to store daily used product, for example toothpaste with the optimum reach zone. Products used once a week, for example spare towels can then be stored in the larger compartments outside the optimum zone. Still easily accessible, but more than an arm’s length away.

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