Brand Messages

Know How Installed               Design Meets Function


At Geberit, we look back on a long-established, close and successful cooperation with plumbers, sanitary engineers, architects and wholesalers. We incorporate the knowledge and experience of our customers into every one of our developments and improvements. 

We combine our passion for quality and technology with almost 150 years of sanitary know-how to offer reliable products and services that truly make life easier for our customers. Our products set the standards in the sanitary industry. They are innovative, versatile and fast and easy to install and service. As we know that a strong partnership with our customers is essential to their success, we assist them with proper planning, logistics, installation, product maintenance and prompt and attentive technical support. 

Excellent products combined with competent service, that is Know-How Installed.


We use our passion for design and technology to inspire and excite people all over the world. By applying our vast know-how and almost 150 years of experience, we ensure our products are not just beautiful to look at, but truly make life easier and more comfortable.

Responsibly made from fine and durable materials, Geberit products are a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding function. They are easy to clean, easy to use and increase comfort. They illustrate the limitless possibilities created when Design Meets Function.

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