Creative campaigning to end users is an essential part of the Geberit investment to prompt customers to visit their local showroom. We bring these campaigns to life largely on-line and in print publications. This year we are maintaining our primary campaigns ‘My Confidence’ and ‘The Sensory Space’ as well as introducing some other new and exciting sub campaigns.

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AquaClean – My Confidence


The exciting and provocative new AquaClean ‘My Confidence‘ campaign communicates the emotional benefit of confidence associated with feeling clean and refreshed after using the bathroom.

The portraits (including images, web banners and videos) of visibly confident characters sitting on a stylised AquaClean shows individuals who take like to take care of themselves. They go the extra mile when it comes to hygiene, cleanliness and well being.

They tell us in a refreshing and at time humorous way how it feels to experience a superior level of wellbeing and why they would never go back to the traditional ways.

My Confidence - Will     My Confidence - Hilary

Geberit are delighted to be collaborating with TV personality, actor and comedian Richard Blackwood, as part of the ongoing ‘My Confidence’ campaign.

By working with Richard we hope to break the ‘loo taboo’ and change society’s preconceptions of using a shower toilet by highlighting its undeniable benefits. Together we hope to inspire people to focus on their own wellbeing starting in the bathroom, the ‘My Confidence’ movement aims to raise awareness of washing with water as an essential part of daily personal hygiene.

Adverts starring Richard in the My Confidence style have already been circulating in national magazines.

Richard Blackwood

The campaign is available to use on your social media channels, in a direct mail promotion, local advertising, on your website and at any local event. Contact us for details.

Geberit Ceramics – The Sensory Space

Modern life is an assault on the senses – constantly on the go, constantly contactable and under pressure. Every home needs a safe space, a sanctuary space where calm and well-being can be restored. Geberit bathroom expertise has created a collection that delivers the ultimate relaxing sensory experience.

See the campaign pages here and contact your Geberit marketing team to become involved. Available tools:

Trade Media Adverts

We are also continuing to advertise in trade publications online and in print throughout the year with the below adverts:

Geberit Ceramics   Geberit Ceramics

Geberit Wall-Hung

Our campaign #choosegeberitwall-hung first hit social media at the end of January and has been driving traffic to our landing page.

The aim of this campaign is myth busting around wall-hung highlighting not only the modern features but also their practicalities. We have also created an information pack as gated content which there will then be a follow up contact cycle.

Choose Geberit Wall-hung

Geberit Trend Report

At the end of 2019 we commissioned the first Geberit Trend Report which, written by interior designers and influencers, discussed all the key trends for 2020 relating not only to the bathroom but the wider home.

If you would like to read the report please click here.

Trends Report 2020